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I am of little importance in this guide, so I will waste no time with introduction. It has not been a decade half since I was introduced into this strange and wondrous realm - a realm so deeply shrouded in the mists of it's own waterfalls that it has remained untouched by time.

Indeed, one could even say that it has progressed beyond the limits of outside society - though it has done some in a some what aberrant manner. Modern Society would have not a clue where to place themselves among these fine folks.

So it is that I am recording this - my annals of the land of Julian, as it is called by the societies that call it home. But I've given it another name myself: The Lost Kingdoms, as they remain untouched by time and preserve a world of relative peace, civility, and nobility that I should wish my own home embraced more strongly.


Professor Albert Bruce Colbart

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